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 50 Most Bad-Ass Female Horror Leads 

And Ellen Ripley is only number 4? For shame Total Film!

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50 Most Bad-Ass Female Horror Leads

And Ellen Ripley is only number 4? For shame Total Film!

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period pains makes me want to jump off a cliff

periods arent that bad you’re overexaggerating

i will bleed on everything you love



Hannibal Spolier if you haven’t seen this weeks episode.

Unless I see Chilton’s body next week I don’t think he is actually dead. Maybe they want Hannibal to believe he is dead so he thinks he is safe and because Alana was in the room when he got shot that would lend ‘the Chilton (Chesapeake Ripper) being dead’ weight. I mean that fucker survived what Gideon did to him. This is the real reason that Chilton is so nasty in the Silence of the Lambs era, because Hannibal tried to frame him and got him shot.

This is probably all a load of shite bollocks theory but I still can’t believe that he is dead, my mind can’t get around that far a departure from the books.

Also, I am sure, if the FBI in the show actually do a little detecting, that there were some Chesapeake killings happening while Chilton was recuperating from his injuries in season 1. I haven’t actually looked into this at all, so again, I am probably wrong. 



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I love Dark!Will, because he needs to be like Lecter to get to him, he tried the honest route, that landed him in a hospital for the criminally insane. If it was me, I would take another approach too.

This. Will saw a weakness in Hannibal and that weakness is the fact that Hannibal wants to be Will’s friend. So Will has to exploit that weakness, make Hannibal believe he has gone dark!Will, because that is what Hannibal wants Will to be. This is how I believe he will catch Hannibal. 

I have developed a taste for Rubex. This head cold has warped my senses ahhhhhhhhh!!!!


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via Science Is Awesome

Goodbye Ice. :(

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Rwanda. A million voices to remember a million lost - We ask “How can there still be genocide?” #Kwibuka20

Site Status Update

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An update on the status of the site. Please read for more information.

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Please read and spread the word if you get your Fannibal jollies from this site. They are not gone and will continue to supply us with updates. 

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Feminist-a person who supports feminism.

Feminism-the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.


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